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Bluetooth Transmitting Like A Pro!

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If you’ve been hanging around Dad Kingdom for a while, it’s no secret that we love wireless living and we’re fond of Miccus Bluetooth hardware. But, I’m not exaggerating when I say they’ve outdone themselves this time. The Home TX Pro is the pinnacle of Bluetooth transmitting technology. When paired with the Xtreme 7 antenna (as of this writing, it’s included from their web store for the price of “on the house“), this thing can transmit a crystal clear Bluetooth signal to your whole house – and your neighbor’s house too!

TX pro packaging
Miccus TX Pro packaging. (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)


Feel free to hide the monstrous antenna in a home theater cabinet.

Compared to the previously reviewed Home RTX and Home RTX Mini, the new Home TX Pro is slightly thinner but has a larger footprint. Of course, for maximum range, the Xtreme 7 antenna dwarfs the transmitter itself. For comparison, the stock antenna is about 4″ tall while the Xtreme 7 almost reaches one foot. It also doubles as a lightning rod if that’s a feature you’re looking for. Fortunately, obstructions do not hamper the TX Pro’s Bluetooth transmitting. So, feel free to hide the monstrous antenna in a home theater cabinet.

As far as inputs, the TX Pro has ALL the bases covered: 3.5mm, two-channel analog and even optical audio. The toggle switch allows you to alternate between analog and digital sources. To be honest, I prefer the toggle on the Home RTX Mini. Not everyone’s needs will match mine, but I frequently switch between analog and digital audio sources. (Analog: Raspberry Pi emulator, Digital: Roku.) It’s just not as convenient to turn off the unit and flip the switch on the back side. For this reason, I love the Mini’s front-and-center toggle. Other than that, the TX Pro gets the job done. Its big multi-function button and various indicator LEDs make operation very easy.

TX pro ports
Miccus TX Pro’s plethora of ports. (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)


Miccus claims that the Home TX Pro can transmit up to 150 feet, plus an extra 20-40 with the Xtreme 7 antenna. That is a remarkable distance! I wasn’t so precise as to use a tape measure, but I can generally confirm their estimates. With the smaller antenna, I was able to maintain a signal in my neighbor’s house – through brick walls no less! (I probably should have asked for permission before breaking in to his living room.) Then, while my neighbor called the cops, I did another test with the taller antenna and range improved by 20 feet or so. I almost made it to the end of my block!

TX pro antenna
The Miccus TX Pro and its monster antenna next to the Home RTX. (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)

For the most part, sound was clean, lag-free and of good quality – as I’ve come to expect from Miccus products. Of course, the TX Pro paired perfectly with my Miccus SR-71 headphones. As with most other Miccus products, the Home TX Pro features APT-X Low Latency to ensure that lip-sync delay is kept to a bare minimum. Also, the TX Pro allows you to pair any two devices simultaneously! (Headphones, speakers, whatever…) Unfortunately, I did experience some connection issues and environmental interference with a couple devices. But, great customer service from Miccus helped me resolve the problem.

When it comes to Bluetooth transmitting, there are two things that matter most: Audio signal quality and distance. The TX Pro has both of those qualities in spades. A wealth of source connection options and APT-X LL take care of the audio quality, while the hardware and giant antenna go the distance – literally. Ultimately, if you want the freedom to roam your whole house (and your neighbor’s house) with high-quality Bluetooth; Mission accomplished.

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