Father’s Day Tweets (2016)

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Here on Dad Kingdom, we love Father’s Day (not surprisingly). The site was founded on Father’s Day in 2015, and we are a place intended for dads after all. One of our first posts ever was a compilation of Father’s Day tweets, so why not do it again this year?! As before, we’ve scoured the twitterverse in search of Father’s Day tweets that are funny, heartfelt or amusingly sarcastic. Who needs greeting cards when you’ve got tweets, right?! Bonus points for groan-worthy “dad jokes.” To all the dads out there, you’re doing the Lord’s work, keep it up!

Leading up to the big day, #FathersDay was chock-full of gift ideas, AKA thinly-veiled advertisements. But, there were some genuine tweets out there with good intentions. Don’t over-think it folks! We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach:

Then, a slightly different approach to Father’s Day gift giving:

Finally dad’s day arrived, and the shameless commercialism was gradually replaced by more enjoyable tweets! Here’s a sample:

This one made me cringe so hard…

There are a lot of different fantastic ways you can spend Father’s Day. Even better, most of the best options don’t involve spending any money:

Well, that should do it for this year’s Father’s Day tweets! If you missed it last year, we posted some great commercials created with dads in mind. Have a wonderful Father’s Day and thanks for visiting Dad Kingdom!


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