Digging Up The Fantasy Football Time Capsule

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You may remember several months back when I wrote this post  containing “bold” predictions for the 2016 fantasy football season. Back then, I promised – regardless of the outcome – that I’d face the music and most likely be eating crow. Sometimes an NFL season can feel like an eternity, and we often forget who made which predictions about which players. Well, I’m here to sprinkle some accountability on the world of fantasy football. Without further ado, I present Dad Kingdom’s 2016 time capsule results…


Kelvin Benjamin will not be a Top 25 WR

On first glance, this prediction wasn’t a home run. Kelvin Benjamin finished as the #26 WR with 8.5 PPG. But, any owner will tell you, his season was much worse than that. Take out his Week 2 outburst against lowly San Francisco (22.8 pts), and KB only averaged 7.5 PPG. That average would have ranked him somewhere in the lower 40s. I’m certainly glad he wasn’t on any of my teams. I consider that a victory. Grade: B+

The Broncos will not be a Top 5 defense

Technically, I missed on this one. The Broncos tied for 4th as far as fantasy defenses were concerned. But, the sentiment of not overpaying for a defense rang true. The top two defenses in all of fantasy football – the Vikings and the Chiefs – were usually drafted in the last round… if at all!  The point is, you would have been just as happy with your team (likely happier) if you didn’t reach for the Broncos. Instead, waiting till the end of the draft is the way to go, as it always has been. In the middle rounds you should be focused on adding talent at the skill positions. Grade: B-

DeSean Jackson will crack into the WR Top 20

DeSean didn’t attain the 65/1,200/7 stat line I predicted, but he still had a respectable season and finished 29th. Also, a measly 0.5 PPG separated him from “Top 20” status. Just one more of his infamous long-distance TD bombs would have vaulted him 10 spots higher in the WR rankings. Also, it’s always a bonus when a player performs well down the stretch. D-Jax posted double-digit fantasy points 5 times during weeks 11-16. If you started him during the playoffs, you were happy. Grade: C+

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The Patriots will have two TEs in the Top 10

Gronk and Marty B had opposite problems this season. As you all know, Gronk was exceptional on a per game basis, but he struggled to stay on the field in 2016. Meanwhile, Bennett’s durability earned him the 7th spot in total points. But, Marty’s PPG average was somewhat lacking. In a year when the TE position was so rotten, I have to give Bennett some credit for durability (more than I can say for Gronk). I made this prediction to prop up Bennett, and while he didn’t excel, he didn’t completely disappoint either. Grade: C

Jamaal Charles will finish inside the RB Top 5, Gurley and Freeman will not

Poor Jamaal Charles. The dude has incredible mental and physical ability. But, he just can’t stay healthy. He bounced back from some tough injuries, but the most recent straw finally broke the camel’s back. I was too optimistic about his recovery.

Sure, drafting Charles would have put you in a tough spot. That’s my bad. But still, I was right about a few things. Namely, I made a big point about staying away from Gurley and targeting Bell in round 2 or 3. So, if you took that advice it surely paid off! Grade: C-

Marvin Jones and Golden Tate will both be Top 30 WRs

So, this prediction was meant to encourage fantasy players to draft Marvin Jones. Unfortunately, both players were quite disappointing in 2016. Jones ended up 40th with 7.8 PPG. Tate wasn’t much better at 31st with 8.3 PPG. My only saving grace here is that I discouraged you from drafting Tate, which ended up being a good call. Also, if you drafted Jones, he was surprisingly dependable during the first 7 weeks. Sadly, you probably gave up on him shortly after week 7. Grade: C-

Matt Forte will finish in the RB Top 10 for the fourth straight season

This prediction might be the one that frustrates me the most. Forte had flashes of brilliance this season (5 games with 15+ Fpts, including 3 games with 20+). But, ultimately, he finished 20th in FPPG. If only he had been able to establish a little consistency – and if the Jets hadn’t criminally underutilized him as a pass catcher (a career low) – he would have easily outperformed his draft position. But alas, I should have known better than to depend on the Jets’ offense. Still, if you managed to only start him during those 5 big games, you probably won your matchup those weeks. Grade: D+


Aaron Rodgers will not be a Top 5 QB

Ouch. I’ll be honest, looking back at this prediction hurts. Rodgers was on fire for most of the year and finished as the #1 QB on a PPG basis. Grade: F. Right? Not quite…

Most of the points I made were sound. For instance, most of the guys I suggested taking – Brady, Brees, Luck – still finished in the Top 5. And, most of them would have cost you a much lower draft pick. Also, my other saving grace is that Aaron Rodgers had a bad week 15. So, if you followed my advice, Mr. Rodgers wasn’t there to kill your playoff run. All that said, it was still a bad prediction. Grade: D

Coby Fleener will shine for his new team

Wow. Even during a painfully down year for tight ends, Fleener couldn’t shine. Heck, he was outperformed by both Allen and Doyle from his former team! Coby Fleener finished 21st in PPG with a disgusting 5.5. To make matters worse, he scored below that average in 75% of his games. (Inflated by two big games.) Thanks for shitting on my predictions, Coby. Grade: F

The Jaguars will be the best sleeper D/ST in 2016

Well, the bad news is the Jaguars were once again a terrible team from top to bottom, both sides of the ball. Practically every measurable statistic. Somehow, their defense was even worse this season, despite adding talent. The only silver lining is that if you drafted them, you easily realized their terribleness by Week 2 and picked up a better defense. In my case, I drafted them, but quickly kicked them to the curb in favor of the Chiefs defense. The good ‘ol Chiefs helped me win a championship! Yay!? Right? Grade: F


I’ll admit, my predictions were not great in 2016. I was more accurate in 2015. Still, as always, fantasy football gives us just enough hope, ifs, couldas and shouldas, to keep us coming back. So, I will return next season to make more bold predictions, even if some of them end up being painfully wrong. Owning up to it is part of the fun! Thanks for reading and enjoy the “big game.” Free agency and the NFL draft will be here before we know it!


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