Black & Decker 20V MAX Yard Tools

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I know what you’re thinking… That is one good looking man trimming the heck out of some hedges. Unfortunately for my wife, it’s not a photo of me. I just couldn’t resist using these awesome staged photos from Black & Decker! I’ve had these 20V tools for 2 years and feel like I have a good grasp of their pros and cons. I’ve used a corded electric blower and I’ve used gas-powered versions of the other two at some point in my life, and I will reference those as a baseline. But, enough about my experiences, let’s get right into this 20V MAX trio!

B&D 20V MAX BatteriesI’ll start with the power source. For the most part, the 20V MAX batteries get the job done. I have a quarter acre and have never blown through two full batteries (pun intended). The worst thing that I’ve done is to plan a big day of yard work and forget to make sure the batteries are fully charged beforehand. But, that’s my fault, not the fault of the batteries. Although, in situations like that, I wish there was some type of quick charge option. If you live on a half acre or more, and you want to use all three tools in one day for an extended period of time, I doubt two batteries will be enough for you. But for most “city folk,” they’ll be fine.


…of the three, I’ve been most impressed by the hedge trimmers.

As you can see from the cover image, the trimmers work great. But, only if you’re wearing a hot long-sleeve shirt, boot cut jeans, padded gloves, and bullet-proof eye wear. Yes, pansy, even in the summer! Safety first! Actually, of the three, I’ve been most impressed by the hedge trimmers. They make short work of my two 12′ holly bushes, even the thicker branches. The trimmers also seem to be the most battery-efficient. So, even if you need a gas-powered edger for a large yard, the stand alone hedge trimmers might work for you.


Next up, we’ve got the blower. Obviously, based on the photo, it is the only tool that’s lightweight enough for a woman to use. What’s she even doing outside? Shouldn’t she be inside making dinner or dusting something? (Just kidding ladies!) In all seriousness, the blower is a ridiculously lightweight tool. Unfortunately, I’ve found it to be the most power hungry of these 20V MAX tools. I usually have enough juice to blow off my driveway and my back deck, but the battery is waning at that point (unlike the other two tools, which just stop instead of tapering off). If you have a huge patio, long driveway or multiple surfaces you want to clear, one battery won’t be enough. Although, if I had to choose between a corded electric blower and buying an extra battery that can be quickly slapped on, I’d definitely pick the freedom of the cordless. A little more force would be nice for wet leaves or otherwise heavy debris. This tool won’t (wait for it…) blow you away, but again I will take the freedom over any extra power.


Finally, there is the edger. As you can tell by this handsome devil’s shit-eating grin, the edger is surely the most fun-to-use of these tools. Heck, you might even feel brave enough to break out the short sleeves! (Gasp!) Really, there’s not much to say about this orange beauty. It works fine and gets reasonable battery life. It’s fairly light weight and easy to maneuver without making your arms sore. (Although holding the safety and trigger simultaneously will give your fingers a work out.) Probably the most notable thing about it is that I haven’t had a single problem with the automatic string. I’d expect a feature like that to get jammed or otherwise not work correctly. Of course, you know Murphy’s Law, it’ll probably jam up as soon as I post this review. Chime off in the comments section with your own 20V MAX experiences or reviews!

Black & Decker 20V MAX Yard Tools


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