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Over the past few years I’ve been really interested in home speakers and home theater hardware. I’m not a lifelong audiophile by any means, but music has always been a big part of my life. Sadly, my desktop computer audio has taken a major backseat recently. If I ever needed music or to watch a video, I would just grab high-quality headphones or a Bluetooth speaker and connect them to my computer. The time has come to end that neglect and finally give my desktop the speakers it deserves!

zen rock garden photo
Photo by Clearly Ambiguous


Straight out of a zen rock garden, here come the Creative Pebble USB 2.0 speakers to my rescue. (If my third child hadn’t been born 2 weeks ago, I might have done a photo shoot at a real-life zen rock garden!) These smooth rock-like speakers have an organic yet sculpted aesthetic unlike any speakers I’ve seen. The Creative Pebble comes in either a cool black or a clean white, both with matte gold drivers and a lone volume knob. Personally, I prefer the serenity of the white pair. Even the rear end looks good, with its shiny passive radiator.

I’ll admit, it feels weird to use a singular word for a pair of speakers. But regardless, these things are sleek. Equally as impressive as their attractive form is the Pebble’s price tag. As I’m writing this, they’re only $24.99! Are they all show and no go? Well, let’s continue the review and see if their function lives up to the form. Can I really get beautiful high-quality desktop speakers for about $25?

Creative Pebble
Packaging for the Creative Pebble. (Photo by Heath Washburn –
Creative Pebble
Passive radiator on the back of the Creative Pebble. (Photo by Heath Washburn –


Can I really get beautiful high-quality desktop speakers for about $25?

Moving past their looks, how do these Pebble speakers perform? First of all, their power comes solely via USB 2.0 – no dedicated 120V outlet required. Twist on the volume knob and the speakers start producing clear full-spectrum sound. A passive radiator on the back of each speaker enhances the quality of bass. Also, the 45-degree mounting angle and driver design maximize the projection of sound – perfect for any home office or other personal work space. If you’re looking for bass that will knock your socks off AND rich crisp sound, you’ll need a subwoofer and a much larger speaker budget.

I listened to a variety of music and spoken word, low volume and high. As with all Creative products, the Pebble speakers do not disappoint. I am really impressed that such a solid, well-designed product can be had for $25 or less. Admittedly, I received the Pebble speakers as a promotional product. But, price is still a major factor in every review I write. I can genuinely say that if I need speakers for another desktop computer, I will buy a pair of Creative Pebble(s) without hesitation.

There’s not much more to say about the Creative Pebble speakers. They’re fantastic, attractive and inexpensive. Those are my favorite three adjectives! I apologize if I messed up some of my singular/plural tenses during the review. But, don’t let that distract you from what’s important here. If you need a set of desktop speakers, these are an easy recommendation from me. The quality and affordable price make them an audio slam dunk. Why spend more?

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