A Bluetooth Speaker That’s Earned Its Wings

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Our friends at Creative have released yet another spectacular Bluetooth speaker. The Halo speaker has a ton of great features. Obviously the visual effects are the primary attraction, but certainly not the only attribute worth mentioning. In addition to the light show, the Halo is also very portable, sounds good, has terrific battery life, and is made with exceptional construction and materials. Heavenly, right?!

The Halo is not water-resistant like the Muvo 2, nor is it an audio powerhouse like the iRoar, but the┬áHalo is a wonderful speaker in its on right (and with a reasonable price tag to boot). It’s very versatile – content to sit elegantly on a bookshelf or tabletop, yet compact enough to travel just about anywhere.

halo case
Original packaging. (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)


Let’s just get this out of the way; The visual effects on the Halo are like nothing I’ve ever seen on a Bluetooth speaker. Creative fabricated an innovative trim piece that sandwiches LEDs between plastic and mirrors to create an amazing “infinity” light reflection that seems to vanish into oblivion. They could have easily stopped there. But, not content for it to simply look cool, Creative paired the lights with a user friendly app that makes your music fun and interactive. Watch this demonstration video:

With the app, users can customize virtually everything! The color can be static, a full-spectrum rainbow, or cycle between a few set colors. Light intensity is also customizable. As you can see in the video, there are about a dozen different effects and most of them can respond to the beat of the music. Cool!

The Halo isn’t strictly nocturnal though. As you can see in the photo below, it looks pretty darn good even without the night-time extravaganza. The mirrored ring and textured fabric really contrast each other nicely.

halo table
Halo on the move! (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)


The Halo isn’t strictly nocturnal though… The mirrored ring and textured fabric really contrast each other nicely.

It won’t float above your head, but the angelic Halo is very lightweight (about 1 pound). If you want ultra-lightweight, check out the impressive palm-sized Muvo 2c.

In addition to the go-anywhere weight, the thick and soft carrying loop makes it that much easier to transport the Halo. You could attach it to your backpack, wrist or just about anything. The speaker is wrapped in a pleasant fabric texture – as I mentioned before. The texture adds a sense of high-quality construction to the whole package and makes traveling with the Halo even more satisfying.

Also, it’s worth noting that – like many Bluetooth speakers – the Halo can effortlessly channel outgoing or incoming phone calls from your Bluetooth connected phone. It works very well and the controls are intuitive. Good stuff.


Well, maybe it doesn’t sound quite as good as it looks (it looks amazing). But, the Halo does serve my music well with very good sound quality considering its size and portability. Everything sounds clear, crisp and reasonably deep.

The more I use this speaker the more I like it. No hyperbole, the Creative Halo might be my new “go-to” Bluetooth speaker. I’m simply mesmerized by the lights. As much as I love my powerful iRoar docking speaker, rarely do I need to blow people away with sound. The iRoar’s punch is useful for larger parties, but for small gatherings or family relaxation, I’m more likely to use the Halo – especially if it’s dark and I can show off the spectacular light show. Bass and portability are usually mutually exclusive and rightfully so, but I still have to say… Slightly stronger bass would be enough to warrant a perfect score for the Halo.


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