Creative MUVO 2 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway! #DKgiveaway

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Greetings to all the Dad Kingdom readers out there, both new and old! If you’ve been with us for a while, thank you. If you’re new, we’re happy to have you! It’s time for the first ever DK giveaway!

We’re grateful for our readers, and this holiday season we want to say “thank you” (and grow our social media following) by giving away a pair of Creative MUVO 2 Bluetooth speakers!


What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. It’s quite simple really. We’re going to randomly give a MUVO 2 speaker to one of our Facebook followers and another speaker to one of our Twitter followers. One REALLY lucky follower might even win them both! First, “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Then, share a link to this contest page (or retweet) and use #DKgiveaway. (The hashtag is critical.)

That’s all you have to do! FOLLOW & SHARE between now and Christmas for a chance to win.

creative muvo 2 package giveaway
The nothing-to-hide Creative MUVO 2 packaging. (Photo by Heath Washburn/


The only fine print is that your privacy settings must be such that we can actually find your post through a public search for #DKgiveaway. If you prefer to maintain air-tight privacy settings, feel free to tweet us screenshot proof of your “follow & share” or post it on our Facebook page. Also, if you win, you must give us your physical address within 72 hours of being notified on social media.

You have until December 24, 2016 @ 11:59 PM to enter! Thanks again for hanging out with us here at Dad Kingdom. Good luck!


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