Creative MUVO 2 Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speakers

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The audio masterminds at Creative Labs are at it again! Not content with the success of their MUVO Mini, they’ve released two new and improved Bluetooth speakers. Like the “Mini” before them, the Creative MUVO 2 and the MUVO 2c are water-resistant and wildly portable. They’re also affordable and available in an assortment of colors. Let’s crack open the packaging and see what we’re working with!

creative muvo 2 package
The nothing-to-hide Creative MUVO 2 packaging. (Photo by Heath Washburn/


As usual, Creative Labs brings it with their packaging. A tight-fitting clear case says “check me out!” (Even more so if you opt for a fun color other than black.) Open up the case and admire the sleek form, matte finish, light weight and how cool the subtle logo looks on the perforated metal screen. Before talking about audio performance, I’ll highlight a few nice physical features on the Creative MUVO 2 (and 2c). Small rubber “feet” provide some grip, while rubber buttons with embossed icons make operation more intuitive. Securing or hanging the MUVO 2 (or 2c) is simple, thanks to a nested anchor. Of course, the speaker wouldn’t be water-resistant without a sturdy rubber gasket protecting all the ports.

creative muvo 2 buttons
Embossed buttons on the Creative MUVO 2. (Photo by Heath Washburn/


You’ll forget your music is coming from a palm-sized speaker!

Enough about the form, let’s talk about the function. The Creative MUVO 2 certainly delivers. It may not have the low-end punch of the mighty iRoar, but the MUVO 2 can blast some tunes. It performs well at high volumes and the passive radiator provides surprising depth. You’ll forget your music is coming from a palm-sized speaker! Even better, the powerful rechargeable battery will keep the tunes pumping for up to 10 hours. (The MUVO 2c has a battery with less capacity, rated at up to 6 hours.)

One of the coolest features of the MUVO 2 (and the 2c) is its Wireless Link. I was excited to test the stereo effect. But, my expectations were exceeded. Set up a couple MUVO’s on opposite sides of the party, and they’ll fill the whole area with evenly-dispersed music. While your Bluetooth source (smartphone perhaps) must be relatively close to one speaker, I was really impressed by how far the other linked speaker can be from the origin speaker. When I say impressive, I mean over 50 feet and seemingly unaffected by walls or other obstructions!

creative muvo 2 ports
Protected ports on the Creative MUVO 2. (Photo by Heath Washburn/

A variety of sources are available for your listening pleasure. Now, Bluetooth audio is the obvious choice. As with any Bluetooth device, 25-30 feet is generally the limit. (At least until Bluetooth 5 becomes widely used.) But, you can also insert a Micro SD pre-loaded with music. Then, just close the rubber hatch and let the MUVO crank your tunes. A wired analog input is a third option (headphone jack), but needless to say a wire severely limits the water-resistance of a speaker.

Finally, a couple peripheral features. For one, the Creative MUVO 2 (and the 2c) allow you take calls while listening to music. Use it as a speakerphone for a minute, then go right back to jamming out. And, speaking of jams, both MUVO speaker models can be plugged in (USB) to modify the integrated equalizer using Creative’s control panel. Pretty cool.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty fond of the MUVO 2. Still, I think my admiration is well-deserved. The MUVO 2 and 2c Bluetooth speakers cannot compete with the sound quality of larger speakers. I won’t pretend they can. But, given their superior portability, the loudness and richness of sound is surprisingly good. Beyond the music, the water-resistant MUVO speakers have a slick aesthetic, no-sacrifice functionality and the utmost mobility.

If the MUVO 2 is “too big” and you want the pinnacle of portable audio, meet the 2c. The Creative MUVO 2c is roughly half the length and half the weight of the MUVO 2. It has all the same features, but with one fewer speaker driver and less power. If you’re excited by the wireless stereo feature (as you should be), the MUVO 2c Twin Pack is an easy choice. Click through our links and stuff them in someone’s stocking! Or, if you want a chance to WIN one, check out our DKgiveaway!

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  1. Even I want to share my admiration for this beautiful bluetooth speaker not only it has great design but the price is also very reasonable. I wish I had known about this little earlier, I could have amplified my savings and not bought one of these

    • I will say it depends greatly on your intended use. The MUVO Play is fantastic for versatility, while the iRoar brings more power (and size) to the table.


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