The Latest and Greatest Bluetooth Technology

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It’s obvious that most companies aim for their most recent product launch to be their best product ever. The newest should be better than the previous product, which was probably better than the product before that, and so on. Well, my friends at Miccus, Inc. certainly follow that business model when it comes to the Bluetooth technology packed into their transmitters and receivers. I know this sounds cheesy, but each product is their best one yet.

Almost two years ago, in an effort to covertly listen to my home theater while my 1-year-old slept nearby, I connected a Home RTX Bluetooth transmitter to my Roku and paired it with some comfortable headphones. Now, with two kids and a third on the way, I’m testing out the latest and greatest Bluetooth technology: The Home RTX 2.0. What a difference two years can make!


From the ground up, the RTX 2.0 is designed to be better than its predecessors. It takes the long-distance capabilities of the TX Pro, adds a receiving ability and combines all that with new optical audio features and a sleek form. This little gadget is well-built and comes with all the necessary cables and connections.

The first RTX was good for its time, but didn’t include the 2.0’s dual-channel low-latency Bluetooth and pass-through ability (more on that later), nor did it allow for an optical audio connection. The dual-channel low-latency Bluetooth is a cool feature – Admittedly, I overlooked it at first. Other premium Bluetooth products (including some from Miccus), are able to transmit a signal using APT-X Low Latency for a lag-free signal. But, the RTX 2.0 is the first to transmit low-latency signals to two devices/speakers simultaneously. When going into dual-connection mode, most transmitters default down to normal latency, but not the RTX 2.0!

bluetooth technology
The sleek front of the RTX 2.0. (Photo by Heath Washburn –


The RTX 2.0 offers superior distance for transmitting and receiving.

My favorite aspect of the latest Bluetooth technology is sweet sweet distance. Being able to walk around my entire house (and even outside my house) without losing audio is awesome. Miccus offers other (less cutting-edge) long-distance transmitters (like the TX Pro), so if distance is the only feature you need, there might be cheaper options.

The long distance capabilities of the RTX 2.0 apply to both its transmitting and receiving. Transmitting can easily stretch over 100 feet through walls and floors (up to 5x a standard Bluetooth connection). Meanwhile, receiving mode is advertised at about 2x a standard connection. Also, there’s a simple RX/TX push button toggle (pic below). Easy peasy.

bluetooth technology
The RTX 2.0 and its various ports. (Photo by Heath Washburn –


Finally, one of the most notable features of the RTX 2.0 is the optical audio pass-through technology. Many TV’s or other high-end audio sources only have a single optical audio output. If you want to have top notch flexibility for wired and/or wireless, pass-through is the answer. Whether or not the Bluetooth technology is being utilized, the optical audio pass-through maintains a constant signal to any wired speakers. So, audio comes into the RTX 2.0 and passes right through to anything hard-wired – an audio daisy chain. For example, if you wire a speaker to the RTX 2.0’s output (instead of wiring it directly to the TV), then you can listen to wireless headphones via Bluetooth without plugging or unplugging any cables. Audiophiles might be saying “duh!” but I’m assuming a few readers need the explanation.

Enough about the features. As you can see, the RTX 2.0 is the latest and greatest. I usually have some gripes, but the only feature I’d prefer to see added is an input switch for choosing digital or analog audio (without having to unplug the source cable). If not for that missing toggle, I’d rate it 5 out of 5.

Whether you’ve got sleeping children or overly-sensitive neighbors, hopefully the latest Bluetooth technology can help you enjoy your media quietly at night. I don’t know what I would do without it. Thanks for reading!


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