LilGadgets Connect+ Headphones

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During a recent week-long trip to Colorado, my daughter got the opportunity to test out some new headphones and a whole slew of iPad apps and games. Since she can’t write, type or even put together a sentence, I’ll do my best to relay her honest opinion. Check back later for our thoughts on the best apps!


Upon opening the box, everything has a high quality feel.

The LilGadgets Connect+ children’s headphones come in a range of 4 vibrant colors and also black. We went the stereotypical route and got pink for our daughter. (They also make a premium cordless version that uses bluetooth and a rechargeable battery.)

The packaging is simple and attractive. Upon opening the box, everything has a high quality feel. The headphones are sturdy and made with soft-touch plastic. The audio cable is protected by braided nylon fiber. Also, the headphones have the cool ability to be daisy-chained together so that two (or more) kids can watch and listen to the same audio source. Finally, the microfiber storage bag stores and protects all of the above. Everything has a nice feel to it.

LilGadgets Connect+ Headphones package
LilGadgets Connect+ headphones package. (Photo by Heath Washburn/


The Connect+ headphones have a lot of padding for young heads and little ears. In addition to the padding, the soft-touch plastic and braided audio cord make the headphones seem more comfortable even though these materials don’t touch your ears. Their size is adjustable and should be able to fit most kids. My daughter (almost 2) needed them close to the smallest setting, so she should be able to grow into them for years to come. In case you’re wondering, they won’t fit an average adult head (I tried). So, if your kid is a little older and has a head in the 98th percentile, tread lightly. (The recommended age range is 3-8.)

LilGadgets Connect+ HeadphonesSOUND QUALITY

Your kid is also getting good sound quality with these LilGadgets Connect+ headphones. Even though I had trouble getting them around my noggin, I listened for a while and was very satisfied. They sound good and are also limited to 93 dB to protect young ear drums. Judging by the Amazon comments, previous versions had a slightly lower dB limit which was difficult to hear on airplanes. My pink set sounded just fine at max volume in the window seat.


As I mentioned previously, the audio cable on the LilGadgets Connect+ headphones is braided both for tactile quality and to resist bending and pulling. Even though the headphones are jointed to easily collapse and save space, they still feel pretty sturdy. Although, I bet a strong-willed child could break those joints. If your kid is overly physical, a non-jointed pair of headphones might be a better choice (like the Untangled Pro headphones for example). Ultimately, I’ll have to wait and see how these hold up over time, but I am optimistic.

These headphones are a heck of a buy for less than $30. Quality, comfort, value and sound. What more can you ask for? My wife and I have our second child on the way. When the new one gets to be old enough, I plan on getting another set of these headphones so they can be daisy-chained together on road trips to Florida. Next week, we’ll find out if that second pair needs to be pink or blue!

LilGadgets Connect+ Headphones

If you’d like to purchase a pair of these great headphones, please click through one of our Amazon links!


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