Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth Transmitter & TaoTronics Headphones

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It’s 9:15 at night. My daughter is finally asleep and I’m trying to catch up on episodes of Gotham while I wash some dishes (I’m two days behind on dishes and two months behind on Gotham). Unfortunately, our TV is located right next to our stairs. So, either everyone in the house hears detective Gordon, or nobody hears him. Alas, like most nights, I wash dishes in silence, fearing the wrath of our toddler.

After more than a year of this, I couldn’t stand the silence any longer! This Christmas, I did some research and demanded kindly asked for argyle socks a long-range Bluetooth transmitter and a pair of compatible wireless headphones. The result has been glorious. I wish I had bought them sooner! Now I can have the TV muted while I listen to my shows wirelessly and walk around the house.


The range of the Miccus Home RTX is outstanding!

First and foremost, the range of the Miccus Home RTX is outstanding! I can walk around any room in my house and laugh as hilarity ensues on the latest Brooklyn 99. Not only that, I can actually listen outside my house. The signal from this Bluetooth transmitter starts cracking then cuts out around 100 feet beyond my front door. Impressive. You can probably find a cheaper Bluetooth transmitter, but I promise it won’t have this kind of range. The audio lag is minor, but it does exist. Although, it’s barely noticeable unless you’re intently and carefully watching the actor’s lips. Don’t do that, it’s creepy.

Aside from the very slight lag, the only weakness of the Home RTX is a lack of optical audio. If you’re concerned with having this latest-and-greatest connection type, check out the Home RTX Mini.

I should note, this hardware can also work in reverse. The RTX can function as a Bluetooth receiver, and easily switch between the two, using the Rx and Tx buttons on the front. It can effortlessly accept wireless music from your mobile device and pump it through your home entertainment system. An important feature for sure, but I mainly focused on the RTX’s transmitting prowess.

Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth Transmitter
A view of the inputs and outputs for the Miccus Home RTX. (Photo by Heath Washburn/DadKingdom.com)

Technically speaking, the setup is pretty easy. The Home RTX has a direct power source included. So, no interruption in signal or battery life to worry about. The Bluetooth transmitter connects to either a standard two-channel audio output (red/white cables) or it can accept audio from a headphone jack (a phone or tablet for example). Cables for both options are included in the package. I have mine connected to an external home theater receiver. So, the audio signal goes from my TV to the receiver, then to the RTX. But, you could connect it directly to your TV if you’d like. From there, you just pair the RTX to your Bluetooth headphones – or Bluetooth speaker – using the main multi-function button and you’re good to go!

Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth Transmitter


The TaoTronics wireless headphones are a great value. My ears are fairly sensitive to earbuds, especially for extended periods of time, but I found these to be very comfortable. They have several different soft plastic pieces included so you can find the combination that is most comfortable for you. My main gripe is one that probably applies to all in-ear wireless headphones: If I try to listen with only one earbud (so I can also hear my lovely wife or my screaming toddler), the weight of the loose earbud pulls down on the other. Even when using both buds the cord doesn’t always hang right. A fixed neck band might be better, but I haven’t tested one. Also, the charging port is a little difficult to open, but I suppose that’s better than it randomly flopping open.

Pairing the headphones was easy, using the lone multi-function button. There is an integrated volume rocker switch too (but it’s not very ergonometric, I have to feel around for it). The multi-function button also allows you to power on/off the headphones to avoid unnecessary battery drain (along with a sexy robot voice telling you “power off”). Speaking of the battery, battery life is passable and charging is easily done using the included USB cable. I’ve been using this setup for about two weeks and have recharged the headphones about twice per week. I’d estimate the active usage to be around 6 hours per full charge, which – as far as I can tell – is consistent with other Bluetooth earbuds (larger over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones can go 12 hours or more). All in all, they’re a good buy!

Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth Transmitter

If this seems like an audio setup that you’d like to duplicate, buy the gear by clicking through these amazon links and support Dad Kingdom in the process. Thanks!


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  1. Hello Dad! Thanks for the solid review. At Miccus we’ve been testing a third party antenna that can give the Home RTX an even greater range. If you’re interested, contact customer support for more information. And, let us know if you might be interested in reviewing our newest product the Miccus Home RTX Mini.


    Miccus Inc.


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