Miccus Home RTX Mini Bluetooth Transceiver

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There have been a few Bluetooth-related reviews on Dad Kingdom lately. Well, I’m going to keep the tech talk going with more exciting electronics from Miccus Inc! Don’t let the name fool you, the Home RTX Mini may be small, but there’s nothing “mini” about its features and its Bluetooth performance. This transceiver can meet the majority of your home Bluetooth needs, whether it be for a home theater or a man cave. Put one of these in the audio command center and you’re well on your way to high-quality wireless freedom.

Home RTX Mini package
The Home RTX Mini package and contents. (Photo by Heath Washburn/DadKingdom.com)


The Home RTX Mini is so lightweight, it can be mounted anywhere with the included adhesive strips.

The product packaging isn’t dripping with “high design” – no profound apple-esque unwrapping experience – but the product quality makes up for it. The contents are pleasantly minimal. An optical cable is included for the best possible audio signal and a USB cable is included for power. Unfortunately, the package does not include the necessary USB / AC wall adapter, but a surge strip like this one (with USB outlets) will make a perfect addition to your home audio cabinet. The package also includes some 3M mounting strips. How thoughtful! At first I was amused by the 3M strips, but I quickly realized how essential they were. The Home RTX Mini is so lightweight, it can be mounted anywhere with the included adhesive strips. I oriented mine vertically near the top of my audio cabinet for easy access, away from other hardware and wires.

Installation couldn’t possibly be any easier, but Miccus still felt the need to put out a tutorial video. Nice of them, and great for people who aren’t fans of reading directions, but ironically those people probably aren’t fans of reading Dad Kingdom either! Inputs and outputs are clearly labeled, as is the transmit/receive toggle. If you plan on switching frequently between Tx and Rx, you might be annoyed that the toggle is on the back. On the front, the multi-function slider takes care of your simple Bluetooth pairing and allows you to conveniently switch between inputs without unplugging any wires.

Home RTX Mini
The Home RTX Mini inputs. (Photo by Heath Washburn/DadKingdom.com)


The Home RTX Mini has a range of about 25-30 feet, which is par for most Bluetooth devices. One exception being the Mini’s stronger big brother, the Miccus Home RTX, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. It has 4-5 times the range, but is surpassed by the Mini’s sophisticated level of connections and signals.

Music and movies sound crystal clear and lag-free…

Music and movies sound crystal clear and lag-free thanks to the Mini’s ideal optical audio connection and the cutting-edge APT-X Low Latency audio codec. (The transceiver AND your headphones or speakers must both support this lag-free variant of APT-X. In my tests I used the awesome iRoar Bluetooth speaker. But, the new Miccus SR-71 headphones will also do the trick.) Let’s not forget, the Mini can function as a receiver as well! No matter how you use it, you’ll be impressed by the sound quality.

The Home RTX Mini and its big brother both can make great additions to any home audio system. Given the range and sound quality, the Mini is a purebred home theater Bluetooth device while the Home RTX is better suited to jamming out while walking around the entire house. It wouldn’t surprise me if Miccus is developing a Mac Daddy device that combines the Mini’s audio signal technology with the RTX’s incredible range. But, I can only assume that this hypothetical hardware won’t be as affordable as the Mini. For now, you can’t beat the price and signal quality of the Mini.

If you like what you’re reading and the Home RTX Mini sounds like a winner, click on our Amazon links and show Dad Kingdom some love!

Miccus Home RTX Mini Bluetooth Transceiver


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