Miccus Mini-jack RTX Bluetooth Transceiver

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Help me in welcoming the newest Bluetooth transceiver from Miccus. This will be a fairly brief review because the Mini-jack RTX is a refinement in the Miccus product line. The next logical step, if you will. It has a feature list comparable to the terrific Home RTX Mini, yet it’s smaller, both in price and size. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to wirelessly listen to a variety of media, this little matte black device certainly fits the bill.

mini-jack rtx switch
Close-up of the Mini-jack RTX. (Photo by Heath Washburn/DadKingdom.com)


The Mini-jack RTX is light on weight and your wallet, but not features.

Probably the best way to describe the Mini-jack RTX is that – as its hybrid name suggests – it’s a wonderful meld of the Mini-jack TX4 and the RTX Mini. Miccus likes to put “mini” in their product names, but this product is light on weight and your wallet, but not features. Like most Miccus Bluetooth products, it has APT-X Low Latency; an audio codec that minimizes lip sync lag when used with compatible headphones or speakers. The new transceiver also has the flexibility of running on its rechargeable battery or being hardwired. More applications are possible without a plug. The battery power will last for up to 10 hours! The only thing the new Mini-jack RTX is lacking is an optical audio input for a premium signal. (The big brother RTX Mini does support optical audio.) Aside from its mini-USB port, the unit’s lone input is the 3.5mm analog port (wires included).

mini-jack rtx inputs
Only two inputs are needed on the Miccus Mini-jack RTX. (Photo by Heath Washburn/DadKingdom.com)

Bluetooth pairing and daily operation of the Mini-jack RTX are as simple as it gets. The multi-function button (with the help of a color-changing LED) takes care of it all. Then, if you want to switch from “Transmit” to “Receive” just flick the TX/RX switch. However, most people will probably have a primary setup which only involves one of the two modes. Still, it’s nice to have the capability.


There’s not a lot to say about the Miccus Mini-jack RTX. It’s flexible, inexpensive and highly functional. If you need a basic Bluetooth transceiver, just get this one. Don’t even waste time shopping around. The only weakness in this product is the lack of optical audio. But, really, if you’re in search of a high-fidelity home theater Bluetooth experience, you shouldn’t mind paying a few more bucks for the RTX Mini. To add icing on the cake, most Miccus products are small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking!

Speaking of Christmas, this special bundle with an RTX Mini transmitter and headphones is hard to beat for the aforementioned home theater application. I’ve tested the SR-71 headphones and can honestly say they are a terrific product.

Mini-jack RTX rating


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