A Portable Speaker That Packs A Punch

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Here we go. Just another run of the mill bluetooth speaker, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, the MUVO Play shares some DNA and namesake with it’s predecessor – the excellent MUVO 2. But, in a lot of ways the MUVO Play is better – and yet somehow more affordable – than the MUVO 2. (Was that review really 2.5 years ago?!) It’s also more affordable than comparable big-name speakers, like JBL’s. Keep reading for a break down of my week-long test in Colorado.

Certifiably Portable

With a circumference similar to a large water bottle or a can of beans, the MUVO Play comfortably fits inside most side pockets. This form factor makes it great for hiking, biking, or practically any activity. In general it seems to be just the right size for grabbing and going. (It even has a wrist strap.)

Alright, now let’s hit on the battery life. According to Creative’s website, the MUVO Play is rated at 10 hours of playback. I actually found this to be a bit conservative. I easily surpassed that mark. During the week that I was thoroughly testing the speaker, I used it non-stop on a pontoon boat, by the pool and while biking; All without a single recharge! The speaker’s Bluetooth 5.0 technology doesn’t hurt its portability either. Simply pair it with your favorite device and be on your way.

MUVO play
Mobility at its finest. (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)

The MUVO play will be the speaker that I use the most in the coming months.

Last but certainly not least, in terms of portability, you can feel confident using the MUVO play anywhere. Underneath the wonderfully woven exterior texture and attractive colors (blue, orange, or black like mine), the go-anywhere confidence comes from IPX7 certification – which means it can be fully submersed in water! My speaker got a little wet, but I didn’t actually test its underwater prowess. Still, I have no doubts Creative would honor a water-related warranty claim.

MUVO play
The MUVO Play in its natural habitat. (Photo by Heath Washburn – DadKingdom.com)

A Potent Traveler

In terms of hardware, the MUVO Play has two full-range micro drivers and dual bass radiators; The result is rich sound no matter which direction the speaker is facing. I was seriously impressed with both the sound quality and volume on tap. It’s not going to shame many larger speakers, but it’s not afraid to swing above its weight class. I actually prefer its sound quality when compared to another small Creative speaker, the Halo.

A cool “link” feature is built in, for syncing two MUVO Play speakers together. But, honestly, with the omni-directional audio output, I’m not convinced it really needs this feature. It’s great on its own! I previously mentioned the speaker’s Bluetooth 5.0 technology – all your typical Bluetooth calling features are present and accounted for. Plus, it has Siri and Alexa capability. The Play also uses a more modern USB-C charging port (just like the newer Galaxy phones). Finally, a good ol’ fashioned auxiliary port is also provided.

Final Thoughts

Compared to the Creative Halo and their flagship iRoar bluetooth speaker, the sound quality coming from the MUVO Play is impressive for its size. It doesn’t approach the rich and full sound of the iRoar, but for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the size, I’m still shocked by its output.

I feel like a shill for repeatedly giving high ratings to Creative products, but it’s no joke. I am honestly impressed with each and every one that comes across my desk. However, the MUVO Play will be the speaker that I use the most in the coming months. I won’t be doing many outdoor activities without it!

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